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In today's technology world, controlling your corporate data is critical to thrive, ... to survive!
Inventory control, orders, product catalogs, pricing models, accounts payable, goods receipt, ... i.e. business as usual.
Now add the 24x7 global marketplace, with multi-language/multi-currency support and make your legacy systems achieve your business requirements with the confidence and security you require to run the corporation effectively.
As the decades have gone by, we continue to update our technologies to offer our customers a higher level of service. In the 1970s, America invested in large centralized systems that controlled all aspects of the business. During the 1980s, client server applications were all the rage throughout corporate America allowing systems architects to design systems that captured the power of the desktop and to push the business logic processing down to inexpensive desktop systems. The 1990's brought to life the internet, and created a new way of sharing information and ideas. Virtual markets, warehouses, and supply chains are all just a click away.
The World Wide Web has changed the way that the world does business. All data can now be as open and accessible or as closed and secure as any company wishes. Do your billing on your train ride home? Pay your bills while on vacation? Buy, sell, or auction anything at any hour from anywhere in the world. The web has not changed the way business is done, it has created a new marketplace while enhancing the ways that traditional business is conducted.
For 25 years, Ran Davis and his teams have assisted companies solve business problems utilizing the latest technologies. As a business owner since 1998, Mr. Davis can assist with build vs. buy decisions, technology selection decisions, and technology roadmaps. For more information, please contact Ran Davis at (972) 489-1078 or send an email to Ran Davis.
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* Custom Application Development
* Project Turnarounds
* Security Assessments
* Staffing Solutions
* Technology Assessments
* Virtual CTO/CIO Services
Custom Application Development * Technology Assessments * Security Assessments * Staffing Solutions * Virtual CTO/CIO Services
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